Terms & Conditions and the Law

Most small skeletons and skulls can be posted but larger items will need to be collected or personally delivered by myself at cost.

All commissions received must come with full details of the supplier including full address and contact details for my log. I will only accept protected species if they are genuine road casualties or natural / captive deaths. A form must be signed to confirm this before any work commences.

All work undertaken will require a deposit. Final payment is to be settled upon completion of work – please note that final payment must be received and cleared before finished work is released.

If after one month of notification of work being completed, I have not been paid or heard from the client I reserve the right to sell the piece to cover my losses. Please note you are agreeing to these terms when commissioning work.

All species offered for sale are ethically and legally sourced. Any skeleton or taxidermy piece I sell is checked against the CITES listed species database and when needed, A10 paperwork is applied for.

All specimens that come in to my possession are logged with full details of the supplier or where I personally found the specimen.

I do not kill any animal for the purpose of my work and I don’t agree with those who do – I do this job because of my love and passion for animals. There are enough unavoidable and natural deaths in the animal kingdom.

I regularly read up on current legislation and seek advice from experts in taxidermy law.

Please also note that turnaround time on skeletons can be quite long. In order to get a quality piece that will stand the test of time, bones need to be degreased which, depending on the size and species can take many months. Please remember this when waiting for your work.