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  • Crow

  • Dodo Cast

    ** Thanks to the generosity of people and a lot of patience in moulding my Dodo's are now 95% complete. I now have a full spine, wing and tail cast taken from a real Dodo that completes it (first picture)** The dodo was a large, flightless bird that inhabited Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It evolved this way as it had no natural predators and had no need to fly away from danger. But then, after less than 100 years of being discovered by man it was gone, never to be seen again. This tragic story hopefully will help us to see sense and conserve our natural environment and the animals that inhabit it. For sale here are a limited number of my exclusive dodo cast recreations. They are made up of cast resin bones taken from several real dodo bones as well as some recreation parts and real bones from birds of a similar size. Each recreation is unique, sporting slightly different poses as well as some small missing parts to give it the effect of a real fossil that has been found in the swamps of Mauritius. Each of my dodos come presented in a high quality case with a glass surround and wooden beading. They will look great in any collection in a modern or old house or museum. As well as the single Dodo in a case I also make complete recreations of Dodo chicks which can be sold individually or with the adult in the case. My dodos have been personally praised by Errol Fuller, Professor Carl Jones and Dr Julian Hume - a great honour! I am delighted to have had my dodo skeletons feature in the Great Dodo Exhibition at Kendal Museum in 2013. Please note there is around a 3 month waiting list for one of these displays. I will only make a limited quantity each year to keep these displays exclusive. Please email me if you require any further information or would like to purchase a dodo skeleton. Personal collection is welcome or I will personally deliver for a small fee (free delivery available within a certain distance, please inquire) Thank you.
  • Great Auk

    I am now offering for sale my Great Auk recreations. This skeleton has been meticulously researched and Museum specimens have been measured and photographed to give me the best possible reference material. This is a recreation of the Funk Island Great Auk skeleton at the Natural History Museum at Tring. Special thanks to them for allowing me to study their real skeleton. Each bone is cast from birds that most resembled the Great Auk, and some bones have been built and cast specifically for this skeleton. The skull is a cast from a genuine Great Auk. Each skeleton is completely articulated from individual cast bones and presented in a high quality glass case with wooden trim. Approximate case size - 45cm x 34cm x 63cm tall. The great auk (Alca impennis) was a flightless bird of the alcid family that became extinct in the mid-19th century. It bred on rocky, isolated islands with easy access to the ocean and a plentiful food supply, a rarity in nature that provided only a few breeding sites for the auks. When not breeding, the auks spent their time foraging in the waters of the North Atlantic, ranging as far south as northern Spain and also around the coast of Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Ireland, and Great Britain. Yet another species gone at the hands of man. Please contact me for further information and if you would like to purchase a display. Only a limited number will be made each year to keep these exclusive. Collection preferred but will deliver at cost. Please inquire. Photo 1 thanks to Mike Gadd
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